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Command™ Poster Strips are our innovative solution for hanging posters, calendars and other lightweight objects securely and damage-free. They hold strongly and remove cleanly using 3M stretch-release technology. Damage-free hanging, holds strongly and removes cleanly Easy to apply, no need for nails, screws or drills Strips stretch off cleanly without leaving holes, marks or sticky residue Suitable for most smooth surfaces including painted walls, tiles, metal and wood Keep posters flat and secure to the wall, discreet strips are hidden behind the poster. Holding power: 4 strips hold one poster in place Holding power: 4 strips hold one poster in place Pack contents: 12 small strips Size: Small Colour: White Strip type: Indoor Original See usage instructions: Wait 7 days after painting before use. Ideal for solid, hollow and painted walls. Even painted woodchip wallpapers with fine or medium textures. Not suitable for unpainted paper or vinyl wallpaper.

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