Anti-bac+ Sanitising Screen & Multipurpose Wipes


42 €


Anti-bac+ Screen & Multipurpose Sanitising Wipes are the ultimate handy re-sealable travel friendly flat pack of 25 antibacterial wipes. Kill up to 99.999% of bacteria and viruses including Coronavirus, HIV, Ebola, Influenza, Rubella, Measles, Rabies, Candida Albicans, P.Aeruginosa, S.Aureus, E.Hirae and E coli to aid prevention of spread of bacteria and viruses. Tested and approved to standards EN1276, EN16615 and EN14476:2013 + A1:2015. Effectively sanitises a wide variety of screens and surfaces including smartphones, headphones, touch screens, door handles, tables, games controllers and much more. These wet wipes are effective more than 10 times quicker than some competitor products and take effect after just 30 seconds of use. (Surface must remain wet for 30 seconds for antibacterial properties to take effect). Best Practice Clean screens regularly and thoroughly with sanitising wipes ensuring that wipes are disposed of safely and hygienically following use. Always test a smal

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