Tech-Rescue Kit Maxi


33,20 €


The AF Tech-Rescue Kit Maxi removes moisture from electronic devices, quickly and safely by following some very simple but effective instructions. If youve dropped your device into water follow a few simple instructions and this kit will draw-out the moisture. Removing the power source and moisture quickly may save your device and your data. If dropped into solution other than water wash the device in clean water. The kit acts as an emergency recovery and will rescue smartphones, mobiles, tablets, cameras, watches, remote controls, MP3 players, hand held game device and any other electronic or battery operated device. Should be kept in case an accident occurs. Compact and easy to store or carry. Full instructions are inside on the recovery bag - follw them carefully. ______________________Contains: 1 small dry-bag with drying agent (17x24 cm) + 1 large dry-bag with drying agent 21,5x28 cm)

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