Snagless UTP Patch Cable, Cat5e, Grey (2m)


1,82 €


At a Glance: Ethernet patch cable with extra headroom For connecting to LANs or the Internet Works with 10/100/1000BASE-T networks RJ45 plugs with 50-micron gold-plated connectors for clear signal Exceeds CAT5e performance requirements Snagless design prevents cracking and breaking CONNECT EASILY TO A COMPUTER NETWORK Upgrade your network and enjoy clean and clear transmissions with the Belkin CAT5e Snagless Ethernet Patch Cable. This patch cable lets you connect a laptop or desktop computer to a wall outlet, modem, router or another networking device. It meets the CAT5e standard and is suitable for use with 100/1000BASE-T networks. Patch cables are also handy in home offices and hotel rooms to establish a wired Internet connection.

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