Mini Display Port to HDMI Adapter 4K


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Mini DisplayPort to HDTV Adapter At A Glance: Adapter transmits audio and video from mini DisplayPort to HDMI Ideal for connecting laptops or tablets to an HDTV Use for movies, presentations, workstations, and more Compact, portable 5-inch design Requires separate HDMI cable CONNECT YOUR LAPTOP OR TABLET TO YOUR HDTVThe Mini DisplayPort to HDTV Adapter lets you stream high-quality A/V content rom your laptop or tablet to your HDTV. Use it in conjunction with an HDMI cable (sold separately) to watch movies, share photos, or expand your workstation with a mirrored desktop.Note: This adapter plugs into the Mini DisplayPort/Thunderbolt™ port found on MacBooks and many Ultrabooks and tablets. Please check your device to confirm compatibility. DURABLE DESIGN RESISTS WEAR AND TEARThe adapter offers molded-strain relief for flexibility at the connection points, reducing wear and tear from frequent use. A white label helps you identify which end is up for easy, quick insertion.

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