Gold-Plated High-Speed HDMI Cable w/Ethernet, Black (5m)


43,31 €


Unleash the world of full HD 3D cinema-quality movies at home! With bandwidth speeds of up to 10.2Gbps, this cable is designed for home theater enthusiasts who demand the most from their 3D-HDTV and high-end AV equipment. HDMI Cables from Belkin are constructed beyond industry standards to achieve peak performance thus optimizing your viewing experience in resolutions four times that of today’s 1080p standard. Features 7.1Digital Surround Sound 24k gold-plated connectors HKMI (Type A) to HDMI (Type A) connectors 6 ft. cable Speed Rating: 10.2 Gbps+ HDMI Ethernet Channel 4K Cinema Resolution Refresh Rate: 120Hz

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