USB-C + USB-A Dual Wall Charger 30W, White


49,08 €


FAST, FASTER, FASTEST CHARGINGAn 18-watt USB-C port with USB Power Delivery means fastest possible charging for compatible smartphones and tablets – including charging an iPhone from 0-50% in just 30 minutes.* The additional 12-watt USB-A port charges a second device at the same time – another smartphone, a tablet or any device that charges via USB-A. That means there's 30-watts of charging capability packed into a small, travel-friendly charger. Backed by warranties protecting the product and your connected equipment. SMALL IN SIZE, BIG ON POWERDesigned to safely deliver large amounts of power for super-fast charging, this charger measures in surprisingly small. 55 x 42 millimeters across, and only 23 millimeters deep, this compact charger sits flat to the wall for a non-intrusive fit to any space, even behind furniture, on surge protectors or in hard-to-reach outlets. Put it in your pocket and take fast charging wherever you go. CHARGE 0-50% IN 30 MINUTESThis 30W USB-PD

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