iPhone XR/11 ScreenForce Tempered Glass Protection


28,48 €


ADVANCED DEFENSE AGAINST SCRATCHES AND IMPACTSEngineered to be stronger than regular glass, TemperedGlass provides resilient, hard-wearing protection for your phone screen. Manufactured using premium Japanese glass, it retains the smooth glide and feel of the screen, and is tested extensively to deliver the brightness, sharpness and clarity you expect from your iPhone. The Easy Align tray enables simple and precise application, to provide maximum protection. TESTED FOR MULTI-LEVEL PROTECTIONEngineered from premium Japanese tempered glass, our TemperedGlass screen protection provides multi-level protection. It is extensively tested to withstand deep-level damage caused by occasional drops and impacts. We also subject it to rigorous testing to protect your screen from surface-level damage from contact with hard, metal objects such as keys and coins. Proven in testing to have a hardness rating of 9H, it’s the highest level of scratch protection available. VISIBLE CLARITYWe test ou

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