iPhone 11 Pro Max ScreenForce TemperedCurve Protection


56,10 €


EDGE-TO-EDGE SCREEN PROTECTION*High-performing tempered glass is precision-engineered to fit seamlessly along the edges of the screen, to deliver premium edge-to-edge protection. Advanced impact defense, maximum hardness for enhanced scratch-protection and precision touch sensitivity combine to deliver a flawless screen experience, with added resilience. ADVANCE IMPACT & SCRATCH DEFENSEPremium Japanese glass provides protection from bumps and shocks. Tested to the maximum hardness rating of 9H**, this resilient glass resists scratches and scuffs to preserve your screen’s pristine appearance. PRECISION APPLICATIONThe included Easy Align tray makes applying your screen protector easy. Your TemperedCurve screen protection aligns seamlessly with your screen’s curves so smoothly, you’ll forget it’s there at all. FOUR SUPERIOR LAYERSTemperedCurve features an expertly engineered four-layer formula for enhanced resilience and protection for your iPhone. Each laye

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