Cederroth First Aid & Burn Station


358,85 €


A First Aid Station with special equipment for burns. This is a First Aid Station for anyone working in environments where there is a high risk of burns and cuts, for example chefs, electricians and welders. By having the right equipment on site, you can provide quicker and more effective relief when accidents happen. Burn Cover plasters protect and relieve the pain caused by minor burns. The cushion is a cool hydrogel that covers the nerve endings of the skin, helping to relieve pain and promote faster healing. The cushion does not attach to the wound. Burn Gel Spray and sterile dressings provide rapid cooling and effective pain relief for burns and help to speed up the healing process as effectively as lukewarm water. Soft Foam Bandage Blue is an elastic self-adhesive bandage, giving maximum freedom of movement. The smart dispenser makes it easy for you to cut just the right amount. The bandage can be used for all kinds of wounds and will stay in place in water. Salvequick Blue Detec

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