LabelManager 500TS black/silver


448,30 €


LabelManager ™ 500TS Whatever you need to tag with a label, DYMO®s can handle it, with it´s groundbreaking touchscreen it is smooth and easy! Edit, format, and customize labels with a few keystrokes.Connect the machine to a PC or Mac® * and customize labels with various fonts and graphics - you can even download and edit labels and print them on the move - with the help of the DYMO Label ™. Features & Benefits - Large color touch screen - the DYMO® is the first! Create, edit and format labels by simply clicking on the screen. Quick text input with a standard computer keyboard with country specific layout. Eliminating manual cutting thanks to automatic label cutter. Customize labels with 10 fonts, 25 font sizes, 5 frames and underline, 32 text styles and hundreds of built-in symbols and clip art objects. Print crisp graphics, barcodes and logos at a resolution of 300 dpi. Share labeller with colleagues without your settings beeing changed, just save the settings and

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