42'' Pro Matte Canvas 391g 1067mm x 15,2m


239,24 €


This 42" x 50 roll of Professional Matte Canvas from HP provides users with a cotton & polyester blend canvas with a matte surface finish that is suitable for fine art reproductions, digital artwork, or printing photographs. The material is very heavy with a 390 gsm basis weight along with a thickness of 22 mil. Also, it offers a brightness of 101%, a high whiteness of 130%, and an opacity of >98%. The canvas is quick drying and water resistant for immediate handling and protection during general use. It is also compatible with liquid water-based laminates for extending the longevity of your print. The material does offer a display permanence of 200 years indoors, 3 years in-window unlaminated, or 5 years in-window laminated. It comes on a 2" core and is made in the USA. Cotton and Polyester Material Basis Weight: 390 gsm Thickness: 22 mil Brightness: 101% Whiteness:130% Opacity: >98% Quick Drying & Water Resistant Compatible with Water-Based Laminat

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