HP X5500 Wireless Mouse, Black


48,05 €


Hardware compatibility Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista™/7/8With the force of a lightning bolt, the HP Wireless Mouse X5500 grabs your soul and wont let go. Its modern design expresses sleek athleticism. Hyper-fast scrolling delivers potent productivity. Battery life can last a game-changing 24 months.(1) Features Distinguished. Masterful. Futuristic. The HP Wireless Mouse X5500 combines dramatic contours & sweeping lines to be aggressive, sleek & sublime. The inspired sculpture is so breathtaking it belongs in a modern art museum. The HP Wireless Mouse X5500 catapults the mouse into a new stratosphere. Hyper-fast scrolling speeds through documents & the web. Laser sensor works on almost every surface.(2) 5 industrious buttons achieve more. Exceptional. First rate. Proficient. The HP Wireless Mouse X5500 battery life can last an amazing 2 years. Extended battery life also means you save more money and fewer batteries in the landfill. Masterfully crafted for agili

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