36'' Universal Satin Photo Paper 200g 914mmx30,5m


145,71 €


This 36" x 100' roll of Universal Satin Photo Paper from HP is a large format paper designed for use as a high quality display material with a basis weight of 200 gsm. Also, it has an opacity of 95%, a brightness of 89%, and a whiteness of 105%. The Universal Satin Photo Paper features a satin surface finish and will dry in less than 10 minutes. It comes on a 2" core and will last for 2 years unopened. PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Wood Fiber and Polyethylene Material Basis Weight: 200 gsm Opacity: 95% Brightness: 89% Whiteness: 105% Satin Surface Finish Drying Time of Less than 10 Minutes Shelf Life: 2 Years Core Size: 2"

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