33,1'' A0 Uni. bond 80g841 mm x 91.4 m


42,28 €


Package dimensions (W x D x H): 136.5 x 133.35 x 866.77 mm Package weight: 6.8 kg Roll dimensions: 841 mm x 91.4 m Core size: 50.8 mm Printing material weight: 80 g/m² per ISO 536 Test Method Media finish: Matte Printing material brightness: 110% per ISO 2470-2 Test MethodPrinting material thickness: 4.2 mil/107 microns per ISO 534 Test Method Opacity: 91% per ISO 2471 Test Method Whiteness: 160 per ISO 11475 Test Method Printing material gloss level: Matte per ASTM D-523 Test Method Primary material: Wood fiber Recycling method: Mixed office paper Country of origin:Product of Poland Compatible: HP Designjet 1050c, 1055CM, 110plus, 130, 130nr, 2800cp, 3800cp, 4000, 4000ps, 4500, 4500ps, 500, 5000, 5000ps, 500ps, 510, 510ps, 5500, 5500ps, 800, 800ps, 815, copier cc800ps, T1100, T1100ps, T610, Z2100, Z3100, Z3100ps, Z3200, Z3200ps, Z6100, Z6100ps HP Deskjet 350c

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