Spare blades NT-Cutter 9mm A-170 10/pack


24 €


NT snap-off blades for standard duty utility knives. 10 refill blades are packed in a convenient plastic dispenser with built-in blade snapper & disposal container. Just snap off the used blade and it will fall right into the disposal container. Used blades can be safely disposed of. These professional blades are made of high quality carbon tool steel and produced through multiple stages of precise process to obtain the ultimate sharpness and optimum edge-retention. 10 carbon steel blades per pack. Made in Japan. Standard duty snap-off blades. 9mm W x 80mm L x 0.38mm T 58 degree. Made of high quality carbon tool steel Plastic dispenser with blade snapper & disposal case. Cutting Material: Paper, wallpaper, card stock, vinyl, film, shrink-wrap, etc. Good for craft & hobby projects, professional artists or installers, general use. 10ea/pack Made in Japan (TAA designated)

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