Blended lettering set Tombow Good Vibes


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This Blended Lettering Set has been developed in cooperation with Tanja "Frau Hölle" Cappell, a german lettering artist and illustrator, and combines everything needed for lettering with harmonious color gradients. Products: - ABT Dual Brush Pen with a fine tip for creating exact lines and a wide brush tip for broad color application. Colours can be mixed together and painted with water. - Refillable water brush (empty) for painting with the water-based paints of the ABT Dual Brush Pens. - Calligraphy pen Fudenosuke with fine brush tip gives firm control. Hard brush tip. - Smudge-proof pencil MONO 100H for erasable outlines. - Eraser MONO M for the clean and precise erasing of outlines and sketches. - Blending palette for mixing and picking up the water-based paints of the ABT Dual Brush Pens. "Blending" is a trend topic among enthusiastic handlettering fans, which is taken up by these application sets. Frau Hölle has put together high-quality Tombow materials for this purpose,

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