Marker alcohol ABT PRO Dual Brush 526 true blue


36,15 €


The ABT PRO is an extremely fine, alcohol-based marker. It has an especially thin case that lies comfortably in your hand. It comes with two tips: a broad chisel tip and a ?exible brush tip. The chisel tip is well suited for coloring in broad patches, and the brush tip is great for lines of varying thickness. The brush tip is made from nylon and is therefore particularly ?exible and dynamic. When no more pressure is applied to the tip, it returns to its original shape and is therefore easily controllable. The high-quality nylon, in concert with the extraordinarily fine shape of the tip, enables the ABT PRO to glide naturally and elegantly across the paper. This markers therefore delivers especially artistic and professional results. The ABT PRO is available in 107 vibrant colors and as a blender. The alcohol-based ink offers intense color and streak-free coverage. Through repeated color application, depth and shading can be achieved and colors can be blended and intensified. The AB

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