Tombow Correction tape MONO YT4 (20)


94,23 €


Display box with 20pcs CT-YT4. Sideways correction tape: 4.2 mm x 10 m. The original MONO correction tape has been the first for what the sideway-correction is concerned. The natural, ergonomic posture guarantees a comfortable and precise correction. No drying time - can be written over instantly and cleanly. Due to the Tombow Coating Technology especially clear re-writing is possible. Tear-proof tape (PET) - can be dispensed down to the last millimetre. With the help of the easy to use reset button the tape can, if necessary, be tightened (Tape control system). Recycling ratio approx. 72% of gross weight. Awarded with the iF product design award and the red dot design award in 1996. Tape: 4.2 mm x 10 m.

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