DVD-RW 4.7GB 4x Jewel Case (5)


6,45 €


DVD-RW is a rewritable disc providing 4.7GB capacity. Compliant with the DVD-Forum specifications. Verbatims DVD-Rewritable use a Super Eutectic Recording layer (SERL). SERL ensures that noise-free recording can be enjoyed time and time again. With conventional rewritable media, the recording layer deteriorates with every rewrite, meaning a decrease in quality. With Verbatim rewritable media however, the recording layer is returned to perfect condition on every erase cycle, leaving a flawless disc for the next recording. DVD-RW is a sequential read / write media primarily designed for video recording and streaming backup applications. DVD-RW discs can be written up to 1000 times. A number of DVD-ROM drives and DVD video players support DVD-RW. This is a disc with a matt silver surface. It can be written on with a CD/DVD marker pen.

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