VX500 External SSD USB 3.1 G2 240GB, Silver


91,62 €


Next generation storage technologyThe Verbatim Vx500 External SSD uses high speed flash memory and a USB 3.1 Generation 2 controller, optimised to provide unparalleled performance. Be in control of your dataStoring, moving and backing up large amounts of digital data can be time consuming and hard work. With transfer speeds of up to 500 MB/s even high resolution video files can be moved in seconds. The Vx500’s enhanced performance makes it ideal for running virtual machines on your computer. Simple, sleek designMade from space grey aluminium the Vx500 looks great and weighing just 29 grams is ultimately portable. Size can be deceptiveDespite its diminutive size the Vx500 has some serious storage space! Available in capacities of up to 480GB it’s the perfect accessory for Ultrabook’s with limited on-board storage. Well connectedWith USB-A and USB-C cables the Vx500 can be used with a wide variety of devices, from PCs and TVs to the latest mobile devices. Features:

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