Electric Arc Lighter Rechargeable


25,43 €


The ideal firelighter for candles, barbecue lighters, gas cooking and much more, ignites safely and environmentally friendly with an electric arc instead of a flame – under any weather conditions! A safety switch prevents unwanted ignition. As soon as the ignition button is released, at the latest after 7 seconds, the arc is automatically interrupted. The long, flexible gooseneck also allows comfortable and safe lighting in hard to reach places. The lighter can be easily and economically charged via the supplied micro-USB cable to the computer or mobile phone charger. After about 1-2 hours charging time, it is ready to use again. 5 LED indicator lights show the current state of battery charge. Size approx.: 25,2 x 1,7 x 1,5 cm, aluminium housing, color: silver. Supplied in black gift carton box.

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