Safety Cutter profi plus


218,70 €


WEDO® Safety Cutter Profi Plus silver More safety due to auto-retractable blade. The blade is spring-loaded and retracts automatically as soon as it has no longer any contact with the material to be cut (do not hold the slide while cutting). The blade also can be switched from automatic blade retraction mode to a multi-stop mode. Fully extended blade length is 25 mm. The ergonomically shaped metal handle with rubber grip fits securely in your hand. By positioning the blade slider on the back of the knife, the cutter can be used by both right-and left-handed users. TÜV / GS approved. Easy blade change without tools. Replacement blades in integrated magazine and cord cutter. Size: approx 18.0 x 4.5 x 3.0 cm, weight: 220 g Colour: silver / black. Delivery on blister card with 5 spare blades.

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